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Following an unfortunate encounter with a Soviet-era toilet seat, this smart and sassy 18-year old learns that she is the newest recruit for the Pacific Northwest chapter of grim reapers. Initiated into this secretive society of soul collectors, George eventually comes to terms with the ghoulish duties with which she has been assigned. She must, however, reconcile certain unresolved issues which still linger from her life among the living before she is allowed to "move on."

George's new boss and mentor. Caring and wise, he guides his grim gang in matters both pedestrian and otherworldly.

Daisy is an actress who, before meeting her demise on the set of Gone With the Wind, was better known for her off-screen sexual exploits than for her on-screen performances.


If looks could kill, young Mason would be, well, a great reaper. His status as heartthrob of the group is bolstered by his callous, bad boy attitude, making him entirely irresistible.

Street-wise and strong-willed, Roxy brings a hip-hop, no-nonsense vibe to this grim grouping. Armed with sass and style, she's not afraid to be who she is while telling it like it is.



Having never been able to reach her daughter, George, in life, Joy is plagued by bitterness and perhaps more than a little guilt.

Complex and deeply thoughtful for an 11-year old, Reggie is George's younger sister and was devastated by her untimely death.